Al-Farabi Schoolchildren Palace

A space of knowledge that promotes the disclosure of individual abilities, the comprehensive development of consciousness and talent of the younger generation

Community center - gymnasium #80


About our Schoolchildren palace

The organization of supplementary education plays a special role as one of the determining factors in the development of individual, social and professional inclinations, abilities and characteristics of children. In this regard, the Schoolchildren Palace was opened in 2011, the total area of which is 61274.6 sq. m. There are 842 classrooms. In addition to classrooms, the Schoolchildren Palace provides a swimming pool, a tennis court, an athletics hall, a theater hall, a multifunctional hall, a forum hall, an ice rink, a conference hall and a winter garden.

The whole number of students
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Here are a few reasons why we are the perfect choice for you

Joy and fun

Step into the world of smiles and joy with our team, where every day is filled with fun and happiness

A comfortable environment

We create an inspiring and supportive environment where every child feels true care and attention to their education

Special education

Every child is important and appreciated: We create an inclusive environment conducive to development and self-realization

High quality education

Unlock the potential of your children under the guidance of experienced instructors and experts

Fully equipped

Every detail is carefully thought out to create the perfect atmosphere for learning, creativity and development
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